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Nowadays Historia Agraria is a journal dedicated to agricultural and rural history.  It is a meeting point between various disciplines which have in common the analysis of agricultural history and the economy and rural society not only in Spain but also in other areas specifically in Latin America.  Its objective is to spread the word to the Spanish speaking world about research related to the history of the rural world in all stages and fields which may be of interest to specialists, covering themes that date back to the beginnings of the feudal system  as well as those which exist now.  In recent years it has grown and adapted but has ultimately stayed true to its primary objective:  ‘the encouragement of research, education and publication of all work related to historical analysis of agriculture’.

Founded in 1991 in association with the head of the Noticiario de Historia Agraria, the journal has been evolving in accordance with the objectives set out by the SEHA (Seminario de Historia Agraria, which is also in accordance with the spirit of the scientific and critical debate which animates its almost 300 current members, La Sociedad Española de Historia Agraria).  An association which was born as a result of various meetings and seminars which took place in Pamplona (November  1987) and Murcia (end of September 1989) with the aim of setting up periodic debates and opening up lines of communication between specialists (for more details about SEHA, see Bulletin of AHE, nº. 19, May 1991, p45).  Its intention was to move away from the isolation and individualism with which historical research is sometimes associated and discuss common themes and plan them without the rituals and protocols associated with large events and conferences which often produce little results.  And so the SEHA was officially formed in Ciutadella (Menorca), in September 1990, with the immediate objective, and a group of just 40 members, of creating an information bulletin which was given the name Noticiario.

As has happened with other scientific organisations and journals created in Spain in recent decades, motivated by the need for an expert public body eager for meetings and periodical publications, both soon became insufficient.     From an Information Bulletin which collected news about meetings, activities, schedules of research groups, bibliographical indexes, some report or other about regional agrarian history and very few studies, it quickly took on the format of a journal in its third edition (January – June, 1992) publishing standard academic and scientific elements.   Without permanently abandoning its informative character, Noticiario embarked on an upward rise until in the mid nineties it became an accredited publication of international fame (scope) not only for its ‘visibility’ in databases but also its warm reception amongst European and American specialists.  Amongst a total of 164 published pieces between 1991 and 2000 (22 editions), 29 of them (17.7%) were original contributions from foreign authors.  It was undoubtedly helped by the design of an open editorial policy and the demand for quality criterion for the publication of materials.  In this way, the journal was soon provided with an Editorial Board, an Advisory Board and a series of publishing rules (issue 4, July – December, 1992).   The role of the correspondent which came with the first issue was kept in order to maintain the informative spirit of the journal and to add to the annual Bibliography of Agricultural History of Spain section, an extensive and original database of Spanish historiography created back in 1993 by Juan Francisco Zambrana Pineda.  In addition to this and the Study/Research sections as well as Discussions from the SEHA, Discussions and Suggestions, State of Affairs, Bibliographical and Research Notes, News from the SEHA, Book Reviews and Critiques, Review boards for Thesis and Dissertations as well as numerous single themed issues.


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